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IL-114 Engines The aircraft is equipped with two TV7-117C turboprop engines with electronic system of automatic control developed by Klimov's plant (St. Petersburg) with Aerosila plant's (Stupino) propellers CB-34. Structurally the engine is made in modular system and consists of 9 modules. The replacement of modules does not require additional balancing and can be implemented in airport conditions. Two-channel electronic system of regulation is used in the engine (hydro mechanical management ensures the end of flight in case of refusal of plane's electronics). The independent onboard monitoring system provides the control of parameters and provides the crew with information about malfunctions and gives recommendations for their elimination. The system also allows carrying out operative on the ground after flight control of engines. The fuel usage efficiency of the engine is provided with high parameters of a thermodynamic cycle (degree of compression - 16, temperature of gas in front of the turbine - 1500 K) and with high efficiency of components (compressor efficiency is higher for 81 %, the efficiency of the turbine of the compressor is higher for 88 %,IL-114
Enginesthe efficiency of the free turbine is higher for 92 %, completeness of combustion of the chamber of combustion is 0.99). The engine has the big capacity of gas dynamic stability. Design Features: axle -centrifugal force compressor consisting of five axial and one centrifugal steps; the entrance directing device and directing devices of first two steps are adjustable; reverse-flow chamber of combustion; 2step axial turbines of the compressor with four cooling rings; 2 step axial free turbines; shaft of capacity selection; coaxial reducer of the screw, which is located in front of the compressor. The basic parameters at H=0, V=0, ISA
Degree of rising of air pressure in the compressor take-off regime


Max.temperature of gases in front of turbine, K

1 500

IL-114-100 Engine The aircraft is equipped with two PW-127H turboprop engines produced by "Pratt & Whitney Canada" with propellers HS 568 F-7 of "Hamilton Sundstrand" (USA). Three-roll turboprop engine with independent turbine consists of two centrifugal compressors, the counter flow ring chamber of combustion. Two axial one-stage turbines rotate rotors of compressors. The independent turbine - axial two-level. Turbines of compressors and the independent turbine are connected among themselves with only gas dynamic connection. The system of automatic control of the engine consists of electronic, hydro mechanical regulators and a regulator of spin-up restriction of the air screw. A reducer is planetary, differential, closed type with a measuring instrument of twisting moment. The engine is equipped with the system of electronic management with the program of automatic increase of capacity from normal take-off up to maximal take-off, and also with the fuel pump, the systems of regulation of submission and heating of fuel, the system of ignition without power supply, the indicator of a shaving in oil, the regulator of spin up restriction and a lay brake of the air screw. The air screw is six bladed with the hydraulic mechanism of change of double action blades' step and balance weights.IL-114 Engine  Together with the controlling systems of the air screw and the engine, it provides automatic maintenance of constant frequency of rotation, its given change, drafts reversing and feathering of the air screw. Connection of the air screw with a power shaft of the engine is flange-mounting. Blades of the air screw are sword type with a graphite longeron, covering supplied with lightning protection aluminum grid, nickel overlay on the forward edge and electro heaters in the forward edge ensuring the protection against an icing. IL-114 Avionics


IL-114 Engines
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