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IL-76 Aircraft

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Freighter aircraft IL-76TD, IL-76MD, IL-76TF, IL-76MF

The family of freighter aircrafts IL-76 is manufactured in the civil and military cargo variants. IL-76 The civil variant of the aircraft, IL-76TD provides with the transportation of the followings:
various types of cargo in the air and sea containers as well as on the air pallets;
heavy outsized self-propelled and non-self-propelled vehicles with the accompanying personnel;
tanks with fuel and liquids;
animals in special containers.
The military-transport variant, IL-76MD, along with its cargo role aimed at civil-aviation purposes, is able to perform the following tasks:
dump the military cargo and the troops on parachutes; the vehicles on special platforms;
dump the military cargo, vehicles and the troops in aircraft landing;
dump the cargo on parachutes from low altitudes in special containers. The aircraft features cargo complex that operates in complete autonomy (energy is supplied from auxiliary power unit) including:
four monorail motor hoist with carrying capacity of up to 2.5 tons;
two loading winches with thrust capacity of 3 000 kgs each;
floor mechanization with rollers and container-fastening system;
automatically extendible gangway;
various docking units, circuits, belts and grids. There is necessary quantity of docking units for moving of cargo and equipment on the cargo floor of the aircraft. The onboard equipment allows to make loading/unloading of containers using only accompanying personnel's efforts within short period of time. IL-76MF/TF a deeply upgraded variant of the IL-76TD/MD, which fully responds to the current growing demands in economic and technical characteristics of the modern aircrafts. The aircraft has lengthened more capacious fuselage. It possess the new, more powerful and economic two-circuit engines, PS-90A (PS-90?2). Due to two additional sections with the length of 3,3 m each, which was added in the fuselage before and behind the wing, the capacity of cargo compartment increased by 1,3 times (the length of the cargo floor has made 31,14 m in comparison with 24,5 m in IL-76MD). Engines, PS-90A, having the maximal thrust up to 16 000 kgs, provided the aircraft with improved fuel efficiency by 12 - 15 % and the increased range of flight by 15 - 20 % compared to IL-76MD. Take-off distance of the new aircraft was shortened by100 meters. Two screen indicators were added to the instrument equipment on CRT. Also, the block of satellite navigation was new addition. The new, more modern on board radio-electronic equipment left no need for onboard radio officer.

IL-76 IL-76MF/TF has the following advantages over IL-76MD/TD:
stretched cargo compartment for additional 6.6 meters, which increases the volume of the compartment from 320 cubic meters to 400 cubic meters;
electronic control system of the engines and the other systems of the aircrafts installed;
payload is increased from 42 tons to 60 tons;
flight range is increased with commercial payload of 40 tons to 1 300 km;
noise and emission levels conform to ICAO norms.
well performs in mountainous airdromes, and at high temperatures of outside air. Specifications

Engine name D-30KP PS-90A
Maximum thrust, kg 4 12 000 4 16 000
Maximum takeoff weight, kg / lb 190 000 418 831 210 000 462 919
Maximum payload, kg / lb 50 000 110 219 60 000 132 263
Range, max payload, km / nm 3 700 2 000 4 000 2 160
Range, 40 t payload, km / nm 5 000 2 700 6 300 3 400
Cruise speed, km/h / kts 820 444 850 460
Service ceiling, m / ft 12 000 39 370 12 000 39 370
Takeoff run, ISA, SL, m / ft 1 700 5 577 1 800 5 905
Takeoff distance, ISA, SL, m / ft 2 160 7 087 2 170 7 119
Landing run, ISA, SL, m / ft 930 3 051 990 3 248
Landing distance, ISA, SL, m / ft 1 400 4 593 1 460 4 790

. : Dependence of useful loading from flight length


IL-76 Aircraft
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