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immigration to Ecuador



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immigration to Ecuador, South America

immigration to Ecuador, SRI There are two variants of immigration to Ecuador.
Through visa 10-3 the investors visa (the owner of this visa should begin own business in Ecuador);
Through working visa 10-5 (the client should find work during one year, it can be and it is only formal).
These both visas are residents visas, owners of these visas have the right to work, opening of business in Ecuador, i.e. clients receive the status of a permanent residence with an opportunity in 3 years to submit documents on citizenship of Ecuador.


Cost of all process at the present moment: EUR 3,200 plus EUR 650 for each additional member of family (in January, 2003 the new immigration law is accepted, duties have increased).
Has no value citizenship of the client.
All immigration process occupies about five days!

Necessary documents:
1. Passport;
2. Birth Certificate (the original and a copy translated to the spanish language and notarially certified);
3. Marriage Certificate (the original and a copy translated to the Spanish language and notarially certified);
4. 12 color photos on each member of family (passport size 34).

Payment Conditions:
1. Payment EUR 2,100 + EUR 650 for each additional member of family;
2. Payment after reception of documents EUR 1,100.

Ideal variant is arrival of the main applicant (Head of family) WITHOUT FAMILY.
The Main Applicant makes out only on itself residence permit.
After that process, the client personally can invite family, relatives etc. for the further registration.
In this variant, payment of EUR 650 for each additional member of family is made after their arrival Ecuador.

Pay attention. All prices are subject to change without the prior notification!

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immigration to Ecuador
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